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Manufacture of doors and various metal products

Advanced International Trade Company “AITCO” provides distinguished services in manufacturing doors.  The company has a modern factory that has the ability to manufacture metal doors with international and safe specifications (UL Certifications), and with the latest machines that help in complete control, comply with all functions and specifications, and ensure commitment to quality.


It includes a diverse range such as: fire doors, hollow doors, and decorative doors, in addition to balustrades. It also provides other services such as iron facades, woodwork, and fiber and PVC products.


The company also installs, repairs and maintains automatic doors, installs, repairs and maintains thermal and water insulation systems, installs and maintains shelving and storage systems, finishes buildings, installs doors, windows, door frames, stairs, wooden kitchens and aluminum kitchens.


Advanced International Trade Company “AITCO” is keen to keep pace with market requirements and provide customer needs through the usual development of production tools and improvement of operating production lines.