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Steel Structures Systems

Advanced International Trade Factory “AITCO” works to provide distinguished services in the field of steel structures and metal fabrication, in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Building Code and other international codes, starting from the various design stages by technical staff with a high level of experience in using various engineering specialized programs, up to the manufacturing and production stage.

The company owns a group of different factories, all of which operate in one integrated system in terms of quality supervision and manufacturing, led by the company’s factory in Riyadh, which is equipped with the latest machines that work in this field.
Advanced International Trade Company “AITCO” also provides integrated engineering design services including:

-Steel construction industry.
-Establishing airports and their facilities.
-Repair and maintain dams, ports and marine facilities.
-Designing sports constructions, including stadiums.
-Ladders, metal awnings and garages.
-Miscellaneous metal works.